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After years of consumers facing challenges with financing, the landscape has shifted to an emerging growth opportunity – funding that meets client needs and potential for investors.

At hive finance, clients come first.
We help consumers with affordable
financial products that meet their needs.

We offer

Consumer loans

Whether you need the funds to make a small purchase or fulfil your daily needs, our consumer loan will always put your wants first.

Equipment leasing

Equipment leasing allows you to rent commercial goods rather than purchase them outright without significantly affecting business cash flow.

Business loans

A business loan allows you to bring in more funds for your business without altering the current structure of ownership in any way.

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Real estate projects finance

Real estate development requires a lot of investments. Project finance allows long-term financing to start or continue a real estate project.

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Green loans

If your business has a project meant for sustainable, environmentally friendly purposes, hive finance would like to support you towards a better future.

Investment in P2P lending

The P2P lending platform, hive5 for lenders and borrowers offers investment in loans with high diversification and up to 15% return on investment.

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